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Every modern business needs access to the highest-quality information to make smart business decisions and maximize their performance in an increasingly competitive marketplace. No matter the size of the business, data is the lifeblood of their organization.

That’s where you come in. As a trusted data provider, organizations rely on your sources, insight, quality control, and filtering to publish data they can act on. Producing high-quality data is tough — there’s intense scrutiny, deadline pressures, and the need for accuracy in all things.

Your clients completely rely on you to provide timely, qualified, cleansed data that meets their needs and guides their business decisions. Add to that the need to prove the integrity of your information, the necessity of repeating complex data collection processes, and the demand for access, right now, and it’s a huge responsibility to bear.

For a data publisher, reputation is everything. The impact of errors or delay can damage brand and business decisions, so quality is of paramount importance. You need to balance that against the need to extend your data reach, explore new markets, and deal with your competitors. As you expand your data reach and explore new markets, there’s the ever-present risk that your data integrity might be compromised, and that can’t be allowed to happen.

What can our tools do?

Easily automate all aspects of your data

Easily automate your data generation, analysis, cleansing, and publication processes and gain insight to ensure quality, integrity, and the timely delivery of information.


Collection of data from external sources, then consolidate, rationalize and cleanse the data for consumption.


Models, forecasts, and alternative predictions for your data outputs based on various use cases and criteria.


Your data values and outputs for quality before publishing data feeds to your clients.


Publish data to your defined destinations using secure, industry-standard protocols.

Data Management

Data Management to Help Your Information Publication Business Thrive

You will save time with our powerful automation options, freeing up analyst resources to explore new marketplaces, datasets, and speed up data collection and publication. Increase the timeliness of your data by automating the importing process from sources and easily exporting data to clients with quality control and validation to ensure data is clean, complete, and correct through robust data validation routines. Manage role-based access and reporting so stakeholders know who is using the data, through what systems, and when.

Harmonization and consistency

Centralize and rationalize your data alongside other data collected by your client.

Correlation and filtering

Enhance your data definitions by translating product codes, attaching units and currency, assigning commodity definitions, providing regionality, and normalizing data.

History and auditing

Keep a full history of all the data collected through our system that can be queried, retrieved, and checked at any time.

Reporting and presentation

Make data actionable and support informed decision making by presenting the information in relevant, accessible tables, charts, dashboards, and reports.

Client analysis

Allow clients to use your data to create robust analytics, forecasts, models, and insight.

Integration and extension

You and your clients can easily integrate ZE data with downstream trade, risk, business intelligence, visualization, automation, algorithmic, and other platforms.

Built to help you

Take Advantage of Data Management Trend

ZE is built to help you take advantage of both established best practice, and emerging, innovative trends in the data management marketplace.

This includes self-service BI, agile data development, data governance, predictive analysis and forecasting, real-time analysis, collaboration, data storytelling, cloud BI, and data labs.

Any data, anytime, anywhere, any industry

Our Data Sources and Statistics

Access over 900 data vendors.
Access over 10,000 live data feeds.
Datasets across all commodities, industries, regions, and data formats.
Public, internal, private, and third party data.
Near real-time data capture.
Full historical availability.
Any electronic data format and location.
Solving problems

Solving Publication and Data Services Problems

Data Collection

Trusted data sources

Timely, consistent, relevant, powerful data collection from diverse sources into a central, structured and secure location.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Easy analysis

Complete data cleansing, quality assurance, and data testing.

Data Integration and Collaboration


Built to integrate with software, databases, infrastructure, and middleware, across your enterprise.

Simple data access

Access and query data through database, web services, scheduled jobs, messaging and push-based mechanisms.


Total integration with many applications and functions including mathematical modelling, BI tools, ERP, SAP, Trade and Risk, real time data applications, settlements, accounting, and customer facing areas.

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