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As a Risk Manager, you rely heavily on data and internal analysis to develop reliable strategies and calculate profit and loss. The data is sometimes contained in fragile, static, and restrictive spreadsheet systems, which can introduce calculation errors, create inefficiencies, and cost your organization time and money. Rarely including audit trails, spreadsheet systems are not easily transparent and can introduce security risks.

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Automation From Everywhere

Automated collection of data from private and public sources

Blend Yours In

Integration of internal corporate data

Get the Right Stuff

Validation of market data

20/20 Wherever you Look

Historical and forward analysis

Get To Know Your Future

Generation of forward curves

Let Us Do The Lifting

Full automation of simple or highly complex curves

Real Records

Complete audit trails and event notifications

We Work Well With Others

Seamless integration with RMIS, ETRM, CTRM, and ERM systems

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ZEMA is an innovative and robust solution that is pleasing, simple and frictionless to use. Built as an elegant platform to solve massive data management and analytics problems, ZE delivers the value you're looking for when investing in your data future.

Cut Your Wait Times

Automated data capture, validation, normalization, and integration allows your Risk Group to close out books faster, eliminating waiting for different market and broker processes

End Errors

We provide access to an improved quality of data and calculations, where the data is exactly as published. Automation helps eliminate user error such as "fat fingered input" or copy/paste errors

Analyze Better

Market Analyzer has the capability to program whatever transformations and validations you typically perform on you price data. Apply multiple business logics on the top of your data for the purpose of in-depth analysis

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