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Simplify your integration with any number of internal and third-party systems. ZEMA provides access to information through the database, web services, scheduled jobs, messaging and push-based mechanisms letting ZEMA users choose what works best for the company.


Have the flexibility to leverage the technologies of your choice

The ZEMA data integration and analytics platform is built specifically for data-driven organizations and offers a wide variety of integration points including:

Application specific APIs
Direct database queries
JMS messaging
Web services
File drops
Push-based ZEMA adaptors
An integration platform built specifically for data-driven organizations


ZEMA’s data integration and analytics platform creates “many-as-one” functionality and more scalable ZE Cloud hosted services while providing crucial end-to-end system accessibility. The result is a more secure, robust, and flexible solution that can help reduce IT implementation while providing the user a reliable source of automated data collection.

Modelling and statistical packages:

SAS, Lacima, Matlab, R

Business Intelligence tools:

Tibco Spotfire, Tableau, Power Pivot, PowerBI


Such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics

Trade and Risk:

Allegro, ION, Triple Point Technology, Updata

Real-time data platforms

ICE Connect, Reuters, Bloomberg

Settlements and Accounting
Custom-built applications and databases

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