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System integration for data will remain one of the biggest challenges for data-driven organizations. A solution designed to operate synergistically with a variety of other systems such as business intelligence applications, modeling tools, Trading & Risk Management solutions or other 3rd party systems, coupled with a provider dedicated to long-term improvements is the surest way to make a systems integration project is successful now and in the future. We have that solution, designed to operate the kind of smooth integration that allows for an “ecosystem” of compatible business tools and data analytics.

Seamless Downstream Integration

Benefits for Traders and Risk Managers

Traders and Risk Managers are faced with many challenges including minimizing risk and maximizing profits in a complex global market and difficulty in delving into deep market insights over the competition. By using the ZE platform traders and risk managers advanced capabilities for data collection, market analysis, curve management, business process, and automation. We design solutions to provide benefits for multiple aspects for the front, mid and back office.

Automated collection of data from brokers, exchanges, publishers, and public data sources.
Validation of data that is imported into the system
Seamless downstream integration with RMIS, C/ETRM, and ERM systems.
An analytical engine designed to support historical and forward analysis
Ability to generate simple or highly complex forward curve logic.
Sophisticated Independent Price Verification (IPV)

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