ZEMA help you see and understand your data

With its advanced capabilities for data collection, analysis, process automation, and integration of downstream systems, ZEMA helps corporations simplify otherwise complex and fragile business practices. ZEMA reduces risk, enhances corporate efficiency and increase the bottom line.

Centralized Data Access

Collect, centralize and validate your data from an unlimited number of market and internal data sources. This makes it easily accessible through a wide range of tools and services, allowing you to manage entitlements, capture real-time data, and secure corporate data assets.
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Better Decision Making with Analysis and Visualization

ZEMA is an ideal analytical and reporting tool, where you can extract data, build sophisticated analysis, visualize results in customizable dashboards and share them across the corporation. ZEMA provides you with multi-source comparative analysis, Spot, forecast, and futures analysis, while having access to a rich formula library or simply export and integrate with Excel.
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Be Efficient with Automation and Curve Management

Streamline your workflow by moving from a highly manual process to a fully automated and efficient solution.
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Talk to any 3rd Party Systems

ZEMA provides access to the entire ZEMA data catalogue and business processes through web services, schedule jobs, messaging and other mechanisms. Robust push and pull options support easy and flexible connection with BI, modeling, trade and risk, ERP, settlements, accounting, and custom-built systems.
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ZEMA Overview

We build value from the ground up.

ZE is the developer of ZEMA. With the ZEMA Platform, by retrieving right data from around 900 data sources, using right tools, and the right services, ZE delivers the value you're looking for when investing in your data future.

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