How ZEMA Spaces Work

ZEMA Spaces are containers, designed to help your better organize your ZEMA data objects.

Spaces enable users to categorize their objects into collections that best suit their organization’s business needs.

Additionally, users can place tight security controls through permissions. Objects that reside in a Space can dynamically inherit permissions, resolving the need to manually assign these individually.

ZEMA Spaces

Take Your Data Analytics and Reporting to the Next Level

Publish Analytics, Datasheets, Templates and Linked Analytics to Spaces and organize them based on common groupings such as desks, teams, or commodities. Customize your user experience in a few clicks.

Game-Changing Content Management

Security Risks Eliminated

Objects are owned by a Space, and can only be accessed by a configurable group of users. This eliminates the need for generic, shared user accounts and removes potential security risks.

Enhanced User Experience

Users only see what they have access to, and what’s applicable to their current work. All accessible objects can be viewed from the Home Space, or in specific Spaces with a filtered view of relevant content.

Efficient Access Control

Access to objects within a Space is dynamically controlled by pre-defined permissions. New members can be granted Read, Write or Admin access automatically to objects that reside in the Space.

Maximum Data Security

The security for objects is controlled through Space Permissions. Only Managers (including ZEMA and Space Administrators) can modify the Space, making it easy to administer security on ZEMA Profiles.

Questions about ZEMA Spaces?

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