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ZEMA Suite Receives Phenomenal Industry Endorsement

March 12, 2010, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

March 12, 2010 – Richmond, B.C. − ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the developers of award-winning ZEMA™ Suite, has made a clean sweep in a user-ranked Data Management Software evaluation. As published in Energy Risk’s Software Survey, ZEMA’s scored #1 in all 3 Data Management categories; making ZEMA the first system to rank #1 in all categories of Data Management.

ZEMA’s Rankings

  • #1 – Preferred system
  • #1 – Ease of integration with other systems
  • #1 – BEST customer service

“For data management ZE PowerGroup had a clean sweep of number ones in the three categories …”
Energy Risk Survey – March 2010
The survey received response from banks, energy trading companies, oil/gas houses, hedge funds, brokerage houses, utilities, energy producers and many others. ZEMA’s high rankings indicate a significant amount of recognition from the market and ZEMA’s users; as ZEMA has users in most of the industry categories.

Data Management Ranking Tables (Extracted from Energy Risk Survey – March 2010)

ZEMA Suite Receives Phenomenal Industry Endorsement
  • a lack of speed/usability in existing system
  • the need for better regulatory compliance
  • movement into new markets

From a delivery standpoint, ZEMA is clearly a new standard for Data Management. Its ability to handle massive volumes of data, unique security model and agnostic nature is difficult for competitors to match. In 2009, nearly half of ZEMA’s client acquisitions involved converting clients’ existing systems to ZEMA implementations from a competitive product. These clients moved to ZEMA because of the overall value proposition ZEMA provides: functionality, flexibility, maintainability, cost and ease of integration.
After winning Data Management House of the Year – Energy Risk 2009, and closing contracts with some of the world’s top energy and commodities companies, ZE is confident in its grip on the market. Dr. Zak El-Ramly, President and CEO of ZE explained “Simply put, this is a confirmation of what we believe. We’ve reached a turning point as a corporation and now we are heavily strategizing on maintaining the standards we have set for the industry, while keeping our client satisfaction at an unbeatable high. I would like to thank our ZEMA users for participating in the survey; your feedback is much appreciated.”
Waleed El-Ramly, COO of Product Development attributes ZEMA’s high ranking to a dedication to produce a practical, yet innovative, solution bundled with superior customer services that help fully integrate ZEMA across an organization. He commented, “I believe our #1 rank for Preferred System came from ZEMA’s flexibility. It is truly an agnostic system that can be scaled for any size user-base; and it is no surprise this Preferred System rank is combined with ‘Ease of integration’. ZEMA’s integration capability is difficult to match, and we make it painless for our clients to connect to any downstream system.” Waleed added, “As for #1 in Best Customer Service, this is a corporate culture that has been with ZE since day 1. The ZEMA support team is available around the clock for exceptional response rates – and is backed by significant industry expertise.”

Survey Extract

  • 45.1% of respondents said they had implemented a new software system in 2009
  • 48.6% claimed the biggest driver behind investment was dissatisfaction with the speed and usability of existing software systems.
  • 39% said their 2010 software budget has increased from 2009
  • 39% said their 2010 software budget has increased from 2009
  • 67.3% said they will be investing in new systems this year

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