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ZEMA The No Compromise Solution

November 8, 2010, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

November 08, 2010 – Richmond, B.C. − The ZEMA Suite™ is an Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and Analysis solution designed to align and manage your corporate data needs. Built specifically for the energy and commodities markets, ZEMA is a highly recognized and respected software solution leader that continues to help organizations of all sizes handle the challenges of data management and integration in evolving and complex markets.
ZEMA’s clients include some of the world’s top multinational organizations across all commodity classes including:

  • oil and gas companies
  • utilities
  • hedge funds
  • financial institutions
  • large industrials
  • marketers
ZEMA The No Compromise Solution

The ZEMA Suite extends beyond simple market price aggregation and satisfies a broad range of corporate requirements. The full suite is designed as an end to end business process automation tool for providing support to the organization in multiple categories including:

  • Data capture and warehousing
  • Energy and commodity data coverage including fundamentals
  • Extensive market analysis and discovery
  • Simple and complex forward curve automation
  • End of day process automation
  • ETRM/CTRM Integration
  • Spreadsheet automation
  • Pi and operational systems Integration
  • Settlements, billing and invoice support
  • Regulatory and audit compliance

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) credits this ability to the original concept behind ZEMA; designing a data backbone system that is open and fulfills multiple business objectives within any client organization. ZEMA allows an organization to get hold of its intellectual capital; ensuring the corporation is in full control of its data, processes and analyses. Clients can use friendly end user applications or leverage a series of technical tools, services and APIs.
The ZEMA Suite is a true no compromise solution for anyone involved in energy and commodities trade, operations, risk management and/or administration. Designed by industry experts, you will find exactly everything your organization is looking for within a single open, flexible and scalable software suite.
As leaders in the marketplace, we do not believe there is another energy and commodities data management solution that delivers ZEMA’s breadth of functionality and flexibility. Don’t take our word for it; schedule a demo to learn how your organization can be more empowered by the best of breed ZEMA Suite.
In the forthcoming series of articles, “ZEMA – The No Compromise Solution”, we will provide you details on why ZEMA is the best system available, how to procure / use ZEMA and examples of recent client case studies.

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