ZEMA wins "Data Management House of the Year" for the third consecutive year

May 26, 2011, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

May 26, 2011 – Richmond, B.C. − ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is pleased to announce that it has been named Data Management House of the Year 2011 by Energy Risk Magazine. This is the third consecutive year that ZE has been awarded this title for its ZEMA Data Management and Analysis Suite. ZE is extremely happy with the continued recognition and believes the 3 year win is a true validation of ZEMA’s unique value proposition.

This on-going success stems from ZEMA’s strong technical framework, depth of data capture, and the flexibility it offers to its customers. ZE’s primary focus is to ensure that ZEMA continually adapts to its clients’ needs as well as those of the market. Dr. Zak El-Ramly, President and CEO stated, “the phrase ‘Data Management’ is only a subset of ZEMA’s value proposition. Clients like ZEMA due to its business intelligence, process automation and because it simplifies the integration process with other systems across the whole organization.” Waleed El-Ramly, ZE’s COO of Product Development added, “ZEMA delivers the services of traditional data aggregation providers and then takes it to a whole new level by providing clients with a technical infrastructure that can easily be leveraged to fully empower corporations in a way that is not possible in the absence of ZEMA. We’re providing simplicity and at the same time extreme business obustness.”

As the 3 time winner of the Energy Risk Data Management House of the Year, ZE thanks its clients, families, employees and partners for the on going support of building a successful global solution.

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