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ZE's 2012 Year in Review – A Clear Vision is the Driver for Success

February 22, 2013, VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada -

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) measures its success by how closely it comes to satisfying its corporate mission statement “To be recognized as the provider of a world class market and operational data management and analysis solution, supported by a global ZE brand legacy and attained through a sustainable, self-funded and profitable organization.” From that perspective 2012 was a great year for ZE.

In 2012, ZE acquired some of its largest and most diverse clients to date. Over and above its new clients in the energy and commodities space, ZE acquired one of the world’s leading financial services providers, an international commodity management firm trading in agriculture and energy (ZE’s first client use ZEMA for agricultural derivatives), the largest U.S. natural gas liquids producer and one of the largest financial and commodity derivative exchanges in the world. Moreover, ZE expanded its operations to serve clients in the Middle East and Asia with new clients in Qatar and Singapore. ZE current activities leads it to anticipate even greater expansion to continue in 2013, supported by its growing regional offices in Houston, Raleigh, London, Madrid, and Singapore.

From the software standpoint, ZE continues to add features and new modules to the ZEMA Suite. ZEMA’s business automation tool, referred to as ZEMA Curve Manager, has had significant momentum acting as a key driver for new applications and expansion within existing client implementations. Curve Manager integrated with a much wider array of ERP, ETRM and BI tools. The ZEMA Data Universe also expanded adding data from new markets, commodities and data providers.

With all the product enhancements of 2012, the ZEMA suite of applications reached further across organizations, and deeper within operational departments. ZEMA’s leadership was further confirmed by winning the Energy Risk “Data Management House of the Year” award 2012, making it four years in a row that ZE received this honor.

In accordance with industry standard performance metrics, 2012 proved to be another successful year for ZE. ZE experienced:

  • 20% increase in client numbers
  • 22% revenue increase relative to the previous fiscal year
  • 50% increase in profitability
  • 40% increase in staffing levels
  • Invested roughly 1/3 of its revenue in R&D efforts

On the developmental front, ZE spent the year working on the latest version of its enterprise data management suite, ZEMA 4. ZEMA 4 is a complete redesign of the ZEMA user experience while providing the same sophistication and robustness of its current version. The goal of ZEMA 4 is to simplify data extraction and analysis for the user through a more intuitive workflow and quick access tools. ZEMA 4 is currently launched to the ZE client base in a beta release and has received very positive initial feedback. Formal release is slated for April 2013.

ZE expanded its cooperation and communication strategy to its clients, partners and market participants. ZE launched its online ZE Datawatch website providing even more effective ways to find out about partner activities and data-related news events. The ZE Blog website was also recently revamped making it easier to navigate and read ZE’s opinions about technology, market activities and events. As a service to its existing client base, ZE added even more training focused webinars helping clients to maximize the use of the ZEMA suite. As always, ZE was a very active participant at conferences and industry events, sponsoring and attending major functions around the globe and hosting its own series of “Lunch & Learn” events.

The activities and achievements of 2012 are already shaping up to be a preview for an equally successful 2013. ZE’s goal is to congruently grow its products, user base, staffing levels, software development and ultimately its global leadership position.

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