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Is Managing Treasury Data Part of Your Global Growth Strategy?

Are you a Treasurer and are responsible for managing cash, debt, investments, and risk? Do you oversee the capital structure, capital markets, foreign exchange, investments, hedging programs, insurance, corporate liquidity, and corporate treasury operations? We know that this is a demanding role and it grows more complicated as companies continue to grow internationally and operate in different currencies, languages, and time zones.

We understand that you need to assess foreign exchange risk and exposures and refine policies, procedures and plans to mitigate economic, translation and transaction FX exposures for your businesses

These complex organizational requirements then collide with volatile market events and conditions. This atmosphere in which Treasury operates makes it necessary to have a higher level of functionality and refinement in your treasury solutions.

At ZE we can help facilitate by gaining access and control over global liquidity, capital markets, and Foreign Exchange data, while optimizing your working capital.

Trusted Data

What can ZE do for you?

Generate Value and Insight with unmatched data

Get More Sources

Access to a huge variety of financial data sources, including futures, Exchange rates (spots and forwards), Swaps, index rates, Volatility rates, interest rates, pricing data and more.

Validated and Approved Data

Validate the data using coherent sets of Rules to ensure that no invalid data is pushed to downstream systems.

Turn Your Data to Insights

Transform your data for modelling data structures and normalizing raw data for loading into downstream systems including FIS Quantum, SAP S/4HANA Finance, Oracle Treasury, CAPIX, Atlas, CERES, SAGE, Kyriba and more.

Time Is Key

Ensure that timeliness of data is consistent and data arrives on time, every time

Choose ZE

An Agile and Secure Approach to Managing Your Data

ZEMA is an innovative and robust solution that is pleasing, simple and frictionless to use. Built as an elegant platform to solve massive data management and analytics problems, ZE delivers the value you're looking for when investing in your data future.

Benefit to Your Treasury Department

Complete end-to-end solution for data management needs. Full audit trail and support for 4 eyes approach where each change will have to be reviewed by two individuals.

Make The Right Call

Better data means faster, better, and safer, financial decisions

Making Complexity Simple

We give you the ability to utilize our predefined advanced calculations to easily develop complex analytics

Automate Your Business Processes and Curve Management

We give you the support to construct, map, validate, edit, publish and audit internally generated data, that can easily automate the administration of your internal data including forward curves, prices, and forecast

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